2023- Field Trips

“Connecting students with the real world experiences.”

Memories of school Educational trips give students the chance to build closer bonds with their classmates, experience new environments and enjoy a day away from the classroom. Tiny tots of our school were taken on a field trip to “ICF Railway Museum” and had an experiential learning about the Railways. Students had a joy train ride which gave them a vision of the landscape, around the museum. There were other exhibits and models made out of waste (creativity at its best) which boosted their imagination. Primary students were taken to the “Guindy National Park”. Children were able to apply what they learnt in the class by naming the different birds and animals that they saw in the park with such fascination. Overall, it was a wonderful experience for the for them which they will remember for days to come.

Higher class children were taken to the “Birla Planetarium” for an experiential learning which helped them get insights on how mesmerizing our space looked. It was an informational tour where the students gained an insight into what is space and all about the Solar system. The show was exemplary and provided a good visual experience as well as factual knowledge of astronomy to our kids. On a whole, the visit was a visual treat for our kids which will definitely help them in retaining the concepts taught about our Solar System.