• Mohammed Raffudden of class 8- Won 2nd place in essay writing
  • K.Harini class 9– cons prize Essay writing
  • N.Kowshika Class 4 - Won 3rd place in craft making
  • Siddarth Prasanna class 7A1 - Won 2nd place in Slogan
  • Likitha class 3 - Won 3rd place in Song.
  • Ashmitha D Class 8 - Won 2nd place in Article writing

DIY Contest -Conducted by Zamit held on 02.07.2021

  • J.Revanth won 2nd place in Storytelling
  • R.Devanarayanan of class IV won in story telling competition
  • R.Trishikha won in story telling contest

ELF English Champ QUIZ -Vocabulary, Grammar and Comprehension held on 07.08.2021

  • Shri Kanishka 4A2 won English quiz
  • Kowshika 4A2 won English Quiz
  • Agsthya 3A2 won English Quiz
  • Smritheeka 3A1 won English Quiz

Master Blaster conducted by San Academy on 16.08.2021

  • Harshitha 4A2 won third place.

Kreative Star ‘21’ conducted by Global art held on 06.10.2022

  • ANANYA K V 2ND Runner up
  • 2nd runner up Srimayi

Sathish Dawan Space Centre, ISRO - Elocution competition held on 4th-10th OCT

  • SRIJTH GRADE 8 got consolation prize

MVM Essay and Drawing competition held on 20.12.2021

  • Lalitha.B won 1500/- prize money For Essay competition.
  • Koushik grade 5 -1st prize
  • Siddarth.p-consolation prize in slogan writing
  • Pranav.B.S-consolation prize in drawing
  • Smritheekha-consolation prize in drawing
  • Vrishab got consolation prize in drawing

ALL INDIA CITIZENS DEVELOPMENT CENTER -All India Drawing, Handwriting and Essay writing competition has been conducted by CBSE on 24.12.2021

  • Winners Kala Ratna Awar 2021 – 1) M. Kanishka (2A1)
  • Kala Shri Award 2021 – 1) Punyashlok Jena (IA2)
  • Vidya Bhushan Award 2021 – 1) Aahna Ajish (2A2),
  • Malini. D - Ideal Teacher Award 2021-2022

Shri Krishnaswamy college for women conducted ADZAP and Exemplore competition on 11.02.2022

  • Majushree.P.J of class 8A1 won 3rd place in Exemplore (PPT Presentation)
  • Sairaksheka won 3rd place in Exemplore(PPT presentation)

ADZAP first place won by Team A4

  • Prithiv Suresh grade 8A1
  • Pranav Suresh grade 8A1
  • Avinth Grade 8A1
  • Srijith Grade 8A1
  • Jaswanth Grade 8a1

ADZAP Third place won by Team A6

  • Saigomathi grade 8A1
  • Lakshitha grade 8A1
  • Nithyashree Grade 8A1
  • Harithaa Suresh Grade 8A1
  • Sarah Lakshmi Abinash Grade 8A1

General Knowledge Quiz competition was conducted by St Patrick Matric Hr sec school, Puducherry on 18.02.2022.

  • Prithiv Suresh Finalist
  • Pranav Suresh Finalist

TN Speed Skating Competition and M.M Tiger Interclub Skating Competition conducted on 20.02.2022.

  • Hemanth Kumar won 1)silver- Ring I Beginners 2) Ring II Beginners - Gold

Bhagavat Gita Competition conducted by Chinmaya Mission on 24.10.21

  • Saigomathi won second place in category C
  • R.Trishikha won in story telling contest

Navarathri FUN - Conducted by SVM Education and Charitable trust. Held on 01.10.2021

  • Clay Molding 3rd Prize - V.A KARTHIGA
  • Smritheekha 3A1 Clay Molding -3rd Prize, Story telling - 3rd prize, Bhajan - 2nd place, Talk about Navaratri - 1st place, Classical dance - 1st place
  • Bhajan Consolation Prize - TRISHIKHA R
  • Classical Dance 2nd Prize – P.S.TUHINA 3rd Prize - P.S. Tuhina(3A1)
  • Bhajan -1st Prize -Sri pradha (3A2)
  • Bhajan 3rd Prize - Revanth(1A2) Fancy Dress, 1st prize-Revanth (1A2)
  • Bhajan Consolation Prize - 1.Dakshin Mohanty(2A1)
  • Classical Dance - 2nd Prize - Thejeshwar K (4A2)
  • Fancy Dress 2nd prize-Smitha.K(2A2)
  • Fancy Dress - 3rd Prize - Yuvaashini K(5 A1)
  • Fancy Dress - A SavariAkshidha(4A1)
  • Clay molding 1st Prize - S.Priyanka (1A1)
  • Clay Molding - 2nd Prize - Milan.A (1A1)
  • Clay Molding - Consolation Prize 1. Iniya C(2A1)
  • Story Telling 1st Prize - Aahna Ajish (2A2)
  • Story Telling 2nd Prize - Devi Shri I (2A1)
  • Talk about Navarathri 2nd Prize - Pranaya A(2A1)
  • Talk about Navarathri-3rd Prize - Agastya (3A2)
  • Talk about Navarathri -Consolation prize Darshana sree(3A2)
  • Talk about Navarathri -Consolation prize Harshita.S(1A1)