Rudraschool School offers an inclusive and collaborative learning environment. Apart from academics, students will also be trained to develop skills through extracurricular and co-curricular activities.


 English language plays a significant role to communicate in real – life situations. Students will be trained to appear for GETS UK based exams for primary classes and Cambridge Exams for Middle School classes. All the students will also be trained to appear for International Olympiad exams and Prachar sabha hindi exams.


Students have to enroll themselves in any one of the special activities like Roller skating, Gymnastics, Archery, Western Dance, Classical dance, Karate, Tabla and Band.

Yes! Rudra School is a co-ed school

Rudrappasamy School offer quality education for children from the Pre KG TO Standard VIII

For this academic year 2020-2021 Admission is open till the month of August.

  • From 8.30 AM to 3.45 PM
  • Pre KG , LKG 8.30 AM -  12.00 PM
  • UKG – 8.30 AM – 3.00 PM
  • STANDARD I  - VIII 8.30 AM – 3.45 PM

A child seeking admission has to satisfy the age criteria given below.

Pre KG – 2 Years 6 months

LKG – 3 Years 6 months

UKG – 4 years 6 months

A: Parents may fill the application  form after touring the school and meeting with Principal who will answer questions and discuss availability of openings.

  • The campus is under CCTV surveillance.
  • Have a full time student counselor, students can navigate problems with confidence.

  • Fully operational school clinic with one full time Nurse in the campus  -(Appasamy Clinic ) for initial treatment in emergency medical situations that occur during school hours or at school events.

  • A lady sub- staff will travel along with students in our school bus.

 At Rudrappasamy School, we have various activities like Basketball, Skating, Archery, Gymnastics, Cricket, Badminton, Shuttle, Cho – Cho, etc.

At Rudra School, we hire  experienced and well-qualified teachers. as well as an in-depth understanding of early childhood development.

 Yes . For standard I upwards