About Thiru. Rudrappasamy

Rudrappasamy, whose birth name is Ilayarasanendhal, was born in an agrarian family near Kovilpatti, in the district of Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu. He decided to break the tradition and follow his dream to become a teacher, rather than following the footsteps of his forebearers. He completed his primary schooling in Kovilpatti, graduated from M.D.T Hindu College, and entered into the teaching profession. With years of service as a teacher in Sankarankovil and Kovilpatti high schools, he was recognized as one of the best teachers in these schools.

He was immensely inspired by the preaching of Mahatma Gandiji and decided to participate in the Indian freedom struggle. He, along with other teachers, started to invoke patriotism deep in the minds of every citizen.

He was incarcerated multiple times, but his strong will to wipe away the British footprint from Indian soil was preeminent. He also taught the significance of cleanliness in his society and advised the people to spread everything they have learnt. In the practice of weaving Kadhar clothing in his community, in place of imported clothing from Manchester, was a major initiative, Thiru. Rudrappasamy and his family played a dominant role by being the patulous tree of knowledge. They not only adopted various Gandhian principles but also propagated them to all the people in the surroundings.

Thiru. Rudrappasamy added strength to the Quit India Movement in Kovilpatti. Though the British arrested everyone who printed material relating to Gandhian principles, Rudrappasamy stood firm to spread the message of the Gandian principles among the people gallantly.

After the government was reformed, Rudrappasamy was appointed as the officer for Basic Education for State and later transferred to Madurai as State Educational officer.

Chief Minister Thiru. Kamarajar, praised Thiru. Rudrappasamy for his dedicated service to students and teacher’s community. It was indeed a very proud moment for him.

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