About Rudrappasamy School

Consciousness – The what, why, and how – is the prime mover of life at Rudrappasamy School

Consciousness – Thee what, why, and how – is the prime mover of life at Rudrappasamy School. We teach students how to become critically conscious – both theory and its applications, which will open the gate to all possibilities in their lives.

Through technology, our school offers mastery in the field of consciousness enlightenment, enabling the students to accomplish what they dream of, and thereby live a complete life.

The time has now come in this scientific era for everyone to gain complete knowledge of their own consciousness, and live life to the fullest.

We offer this to everyone through our courses in science & technology of consciousness, which is a part of Vedic Science & Technology.

In our school, education is more than a just acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits that is meant to grab a job. Rather, it is a pedagogy that also focuses on developing higher states of consciousness that play a key role in our everyday experience.

Our aim is to have an education system in place that is life- and enlightenment-oriented. It should educate the students to spontaneously think and act in accordance with the laws of nature, eliminating suffering, tension, conflict and crime everywhere.

We are for those students, who would like to develop their full creative potential, gain the support of the natural law, be the guiding light to the nation, and lead the world to lasting peace and happiness.

Our education system is established in a manner that helps the students unveil their maximum potential, which is done by considering the wishes and perceptions of the parents as well, as our professionals get a better understanding of an individual with the help of their influence.

Creating a bond between teaching staff and parents improves the overall satisfaction on both sides and hence the students’ performance.

Our Highlights

  • Parent-Teacher Affinity
  • Playground/Playing field
  • Classrooms

Our teaching system is established in a manner that helps the students bring out their maximum potential, this is done by considering the wishes/perceptions of the Parents as well - because our professionals get a better read of an individual with the help of your influence.

Creating a bond between the Teaching Staff and the Parent(s) improves overall satisfaction on both sides and hence the student’s performance.

Inculcating the knowledge necessary to face life doesn’t only involve the things we teach through erudition, we learn through physical experiences as well - the knowledge of self.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle is key to creating a balanced life all around.

Engineering the perfect atmosphere and ambience for our students to experience everything in a better fashion. Classrooms are spacious to comfortably accommodate a multitude of students, it is also structured in such a way to establish individual focus with ease. Air-Conditioning to maintain a stable temperature and other facilities for the daily needs of the students are also available in every classroom.


Our vision, at Rudrappasamy School, is to empower students to acquire, demonstrate, articulate, and value knowledge and skills that will support them, to participate in, and contribute to mother earth and practice the core values of the school – Respect, Tolerance, Inclusion, and Excellence.


The emblem of our school is very significant. The dove signifies the symbol of Love, Peace and Messenger, the open book signifies Education, Knowledge and Wisdom, and the laurel wreath is a symbol of Triumph.


The school has highly competent and qualified teaching staff with adequate experience. They are periodically sent for in-service programmes such as seminars and workshops that will help them in their professional life. Special efforts are made to give personal attention to each and every student of the school so as to enrich his or her professional life. All the teachers and pupils practice Transcendental Meditation (TM) daily at school so as to strengthen their skills, creativity, etc., with calm and collective mind.


The aim of Rudrappasamy School Educational Organization is to make Rudrappasamy School a model school with special emphasis on all-round personality development accomplished through the introduction of the Science of Creative Intelligence in tandem with Transcendental Meditation and TM Siddhi Programme, along with Public School Education, in accordance with CBSE Curriculum.


The main objective of Rudrappasamy School is to mould the students in order to develop excellent character and inspire them with high ideals of service, sacrifice and leadership qualities.
  • Rudrappasamy School, therefore, gives utmost importance for character building of the students as character bestows wisdom in life; it develops inner personality and makes one shine brilliantly. Most of all, character also purifies the heart and soul and enables one to visualize God.
  • The students are taught to love God, the creator and loving father and to have absolute faith in God. Not to mention, they are taught to respect their parents with gratitude and real concern for the society, high thinking, and simple living and develop leadership qualities.
  • The students are taught to develop faith in humility, and to guard the sacred body, which is the temple of God (to integrate thought, word and deed) and to develop the cult of discipline, devotion, dedication and determination. Teachers are the source of strength for students who selflessly help them in all academic aspects, in order to make them the ideal citizens of the country.
  • Qualitative and value-based education is taught to students through Transcendental Meditation, Pranayama, Yogasanas and TM-Siddhi Program, in addition to Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Vedic Scriptures and Ithihaasas.
  • Rudrappasamy School Top CBSE Schools in Ambattur provides a conducive environment and the opportunity for every student to realize the full potential of his/her own consciousness in order to live his/her life fully and successfully.
  • It makes the students to inculcate high moral, ethical and professional standards of life and to carve their own future.
  • The institution prepares the students to meet the increasing challenges in higher education, business, industry, government and society and instills in them the spirit of service in all walks of life.
  • Through effective teaching, it prepares students for all applicable Competitive Examinations.
  • Rudrappasamy - Top CBSE Schools in Ambattur infuses leadership qualities, self- confidence, and courage of conviction and sense of responsibility in order to explore their innate talents and potentials through enormous opportunities with a wide variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  • The purpose of education is to culture the mind of a person so that he can accomplish all his goals in life. Education, to justify itself, should enable a person to use the full potential of his body, mind and spirit.