Extra- & Co-Curricular

Our comprehensive academic curriculum is ideally balanced with a wide range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. All our students have access to these activities. Each curricular comes designed to grant our children diverse opportunities to develop skills outside their usual classroom subjects.

Rudrappasamy School actively organizes different co-curricular activities through edu-clubs, edu-tours, social service projects, fine-arts events, Scouts & Guides, Cubs & Bulbuls, Bunnies, Junior Red Cross (JRC), and T.M. Science of Creative Intelligence.

In addition to this, diverse poojas and bhajans are conducted every Friday.

Aside from regular PET & Leap start periods, special activities are conducted each week. Qualified coaches are deputed to teach different arts and sports, including karate, gymnastics, roller skating, archery, Bharatanatyam, Western dance, music, tabla and mridangam.

Students are also encouraged to participate in competitions at our school. These include district, state, national, and international level events.