‘Navratri’ is one of the most important festivals celebrated to worship theGoddess ‘Durga’. The festival of Navratri symbolizes victory over evil.Rudrappasamy School organized a grand Navratri Celebration with greatspiritual enthusiasm and fun. The celebration started by offering prayers toGoddess Navdurga and seeking blessings to protect everyone from evil.Students were told about the importance of nine days of Navratri through thedevotional speech.

The little girls, incarnated and attired in the Navdurga, added to the religiousmood. The sloka chanting by the students was ineffable and marvellous. Thedance performances and bhajan songs by the little champs was a traditionaldelight to the audience and lit up the event. It was a religious event in which thestudents performed enthusiastically.

The programme would have beenincomplete without Durga Mata Ji Aarti, so at the end of the programme,Navdurga Aarti was performed with religious fervour.It was a memorable Navaratri celebration of our school and will forever live inour hearts.

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