August 2020 - Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu festival which celebrates thelove of a brother for his sister. On this day, sisters tie rakheeon the wrists of their brothers to protect them against evilinfluences, and pray for their long life and happiness. They inturn, give a gift which is a promise that they will protecttheir sisters from any harm. Within these Rakhis residesacred feelings and well wishes. This festival is mostlycelebrated in North India.

In making this Raksha bandhan a festival of universalbrotherhood, online drawing/rakhee making competition wasconducted on 2nd August by Maharishi Vidya Mandir School,Chennai. The students had to send a one minute video ofthem making a rakhee or its drawing and the entries weresent by E mail. The students of Rudrappasamy schoolparticipated with great enthusiasm. The results of thecompetition were announced a week later and the followingare our winners, who were awarded the E certificates :

1. Tejas Ramvarun - Grade III

2. Iniyashree -Grade III

3. Ashwin - Grade III

4. Mithun Ajay - Grade IIIRAKSHA BANDHAN

5. Pooja PradeepGrade VII

6. Sai Gomathi 7th Grade VII

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