February 2021 - Fire Safety Drill

Fire Safety Drill

Fire safety is important in any organization and mandatory at educationalinstitutions. On this regard, a fire safety program was conducted on 24th February2021.The officers demonstrated on extinguishing fire in case of fire accidents andtrained our teachers on the evacuation process. This is a safety measure wewould consider to educate our children and train them too on such emergencies.All the teachers were trained on operating fire extinguishers, using the first aidhose reel and the hydraulic jet. A mock drill was also conducted by activating thefire alarm.The School has nominated a fire warden, along with a 6 member rescue team,who are trained to handle emergencies and to help evacuate the students and thestaff.Once the school reopens, the children will be trained to evacuate and assemble atthe designated assembly points.

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