January 2021 - Art Gallery

Art Gallery

"Children are a treasure of hidden talents and New ideas".This saying was proved rightly by our First Art Gallery which was held on26th January, 2021 under the guidance of our art teacher, followed by theimmense support of all teaching and non-teaching staffs. The aim of theexhibition was to provide a platform to our young students to showcasetheir talent and creativity.

The exhibition was inaugurated by our Honourable Chief Guest,Smt. Vijayalakshmi Ranganathan by lighting the lamp, which was followedby patriotic songs by our teachers. There were nearly 250 paintings thatwere exhibited. It was an involvement of all the young artists of the schoolby displaying their exhibits through glass painting, spray painting, waterpainting, collage and best out of waste. Students and parents of different classes had visited the Art Gallery at thestipulated time allotted to them, which helped us to maintain the socialdistancing during this pandemic.

The valuable feedbacks of the Chiefguests and parents have been captured, which would motivate us to workharder and reach the goals.Our first art gallery was a grand success and exceeded all ourexpectations. we dedicate this to our school management who have beenvery supportive and we are grateful to our management forever.An art exhibition is essentially the best way to help children learn andpractise skills like patterning, critical thinking, self-understanding, futuredevelopment, public awareness and so on. If you are someone lookingforward to experience all this, make sure to pay a visit to our Art Gallerynext year, if you have missed it this year.

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