January 2021 - Pongal Celebrations


Pongal, the Harvest festival – is a time to celebrate Mother earth.The Pongal festival is celebrated all over India. It is the harvest festival or itcan be considered as the ‘thanks “giving festival, because this festival iscelebrated to thank Sun God and Lord Indra for helping farmers in gettingbetter yield of their crops. Pongal is a Tamil word, which means‘overflowing’. This festival signifies good wishes, wealth, abundance andprosperity.As a part of the culture and tradition to cultivate into the children, we atRudrappasamy school organized the virtual celebrations with the students togive the significance of the Pongal and the various types of its celebration inthe country.

We conducted programs using the Teams platform on 13th Jan 2021.The program Started with Prayer, Slokhas, bhajans and Thirukural performedby students, followed by speech about Pongal and its importance by thestudents in Tamil, English and Hindi.Few students also performed classical Dance online.Pot painting competition was conducted for the students and fashion walk intraditional costumes were conducted for the parents.

Later in the school premises, Rangoli & Uriyadi competition was conducted forthe teachers and all the teachers participated with great festive spirit andenthusiasm.We appreciate all the students and parents for their support in participatingenthusiastically and special thanks to all teachers for organizing the programand participating in the traditional folk dance which was beautiful and flawless.We thank our management and Principal for arranging such fun times amidstour hectic schedules.However, during this pandemic situation, we are ensuring that traditions andcultures are addressed to all. Students learn that these festivals are sacredmoments that help everyone to establish love, unity and nourish theirrelationship.

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