January 2021 - Road Safety Program

Road Safety Program

The Road Safety Awareness session was conducted virtually by theTamilnadu Police Traffic Warden’s organisation on 30th January,2021.The aim of the program was to create awareness among studentsand to sensitize them to important road etiquettes like using safetyhelmet, seat belt, following road signs, knowing the importance ofnot using mobile phones while driving, etc...Mr. Rajan Sanketi & Mr. Vivek P Dhanda with their teamexplained the basic traffic rules to be observed while driving onroad through a Power point presentation, to acquaint everyone withtraffic rules.A short video was also shown to the students on how to avoid roadaccidents.At Rudrappasamy School, it is necessary that the Children andtheir parents should know the importance of traffic rules, roadsigns, traffic signal, as we believe that the role of the educationsector is to include road safety modules in school curriculum, tohave sessions to impart road safety education with the help ofexperts, traffic police, doctors and other professionals.The students were enthusiastic towards this webinar and couldeasily undertake the instructions of importance of driving

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