October 2020 - Science Club Inauguration

Official Inauguration of“Navadhaara”The Science Clubandofficial inauguration ofThe Heritage Club

The clubs were officially declared open on Monday 26.10.2020 on theauspicious day of “VidhyaArambham”. Shri G Grahadurai, Deputy Director,Range Operations, SathishDhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota, consentedto be our Chief Guest. The Virtual program on Microsoft Teams began withthe invoking of the blessing of the almighty. The formal welcome addresswas given by our student club member, followed by the PresidentialAddress by our Principal.

Official Inauguration of“Navadhaara”The Science Clubandofficial inauguration ofThe Heritage ClubThe first technical session included the presentation of the heritage clubdirector Ms D Malini, followed by its members. The topics included aboutour ancient monuments and the description of the currencies.

The second technical session was initiated by the club directorsMsJayanthi and Ms Aditi Vivek, followed by the members of the scienceclub. The presentation included the birth of science stars, History of thescience club, the creation of the logo, comparison of the Wolf Pack to ourPrincipal’s leadership (Mrs J Premila) and comparing the members of thescience club to the “MARCOS”. The presentation continued with theachievements of the science club, science in everyday life, science andsocial service and the future plans.

At the end of the technical sessions, the Chief Guest, Shri G Grahadurai,Deputy Director, Range Operations, Sathish Dhawan Space Centre,Sriharikota, announced the office bearers. The children and our parentsparticipated with inquisitiveness as they shooted various questions relatedto the rockets and space. Our chief guest was benevolent to answer all ofthem patiently.

Our Correspondent Madam who witnessed the entire program appreciatedand conveyed her wishes to all of us. The program was adjourned after aformal vote of thanks.

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