September 2020 - Blood Donation

Blood Donation Camp

Date :
24.09.2020, Thursday
Place : Rudrappasamy School, Pattravakkam
Attendees : One Doctor and 4 Nurses
Organised by : Appasamy Hospitals, in association with Kumaran BloodBank

Donating blood is a social duty of all individuals, which is above allcastes and religions. Every 2 seconds, someone in the country is in needof blood. Every year our nation needs around 4 crore units of blood, outof which only a meagre 5 lakh units of blood are available. Hence, ablood donation camp was conducted in our campus to create anawareness among the public.

A team of Doctor and Nurses arrived on time. All the preparations suchas arrangements of beds, sanitation, appointments to maintain socialdistancing was made well in advance.

The standard protocols were followed for the transfer and storage ofblood samples.

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