Life-learning Skills

Good facilities are essential for students to seek opportunities that interest them. Schools with good infrastructure facilities, especially those that give importance to safety and development of a child altogether, always standout from the rest.

Classrooms, labs, playground, and libraries are the important aspects of the infrastructure of a school. Rudrappasamy School is one of the best CBSE schools in Ambattur, Chennai, that is blessed with good infrastructure for sports, library, science lab, and computer lab.


As sports help in the overall physical and mental development of school kids, we promote various kinds of sports activities. Also, it teaches them discipline, team work, and team management. Most of all, it makes them multi-talented. At Rudrappasamy School, there’s a playing field and resources for various sports, including basketball, shuttle, cricket, TT, volleyball, Kho Kho, and roller skating.


You must visit our school to know how big our infrastructure is and how we’ll it is designed. You must see our library to know how well it is organised. We have a great library having around 4000 books, meant for students of all grades. The library has various sources of content, including academic books, weekly & monthly magazines, newspapers, reference books, and Kindle. Know more about our infrastructure or get answers for any queries right from the horse’s mouth.

Science Lab

Rudrappasamy School has well-equipped labs to bestow practical knowledge in the science subjects – physics, chemistry, and biology. All the labs contain the essential resources to perform experiments, including chemicals, specimens, and instruments, so that every student gets to carry out experiments individually. Our qualified and experienced teachers mentor the students to take a tour of the world of science, by the way of carefully designed practical classes and one-one supervision. There are advanced computers with high configuration, suitable for any work.

Computer Lab

The computer lab serves as the hub for imparting knowledge about computer use to all the students by specialist, tech-savvy teachers. The computers in the lab are used not only for the real-time implementation of whatever the students have learned theoretically but also for researches and project-related works by teachers.

Enroll your child in Rudrappasamy School that makes a cut in the list of the best schools in Ambattur, Chennai. Visit our office and speak to our principal and get answers to all your queries.